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Getting The Word

Always Do Your Best and Let God Do the Rest. James 2:26 says, "The body without the Spirit is Dead and So it is, Faith without works is dead." You've got to put something into whatever it is that you desire, in order to get something out of it. After you've done ALL you can, just stand and see the salvation of the Lord. He honors your hard work, determination, and faith. He will combine it with His Power and His Will and you will see things shifting in your favor. Ignore the nay-sayers and the negative energy in your life. They are not going where you are going. They are so bitter and confused because they don't understand the favor and assignment on your life. The devil is the master of confusion. God gives peace and contentment. None of us are perfect, only Jesus is perfect. He perfectly understands our imperfections. The Hymn says, "What a friend we have in Jesus; All our sins and griefs HE bears. What a privilege to carry EVERYTHING to God in prayer. Oh what peace we often forfeit; Oh what needless pains we bear All because we do not carry, everything to God in prayer."

When you are going through, seek God FIRST. Have a little talk with Jesus and tell Him all about your troubles and struggles. He will hear your faintest Cry and He WILL ANSWER in His time. He will make everything alright. One thing I know for sure is that we can't go through life alone. We can't make it without Christ. Have a prayer partner and Christian friends. Together with God, All things are possible. God honors your "trying", even when we fail in our ability. I Declare and Decree in the Name of Jesus, your situation is turning around for your good. Whatever God allowed to be removed from your life, He had a purpose and He also has a Plan for your future. So, lift your head up. Get your mind right and keep it stayed on Jesus. Walk in VICTORY. Have a trusting day. Peace and Blessings.

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